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mudix pty ltd professional underground boring

    Underground boring by the experts in New South Wales

    Here at Mudix Pty Ltd, we are proud to be an Australian family owned and operated business, established by the current Managing Director, Mr Trevor Grey in 1988. From our earliest days, we have been at the forefront of offering expert directional drilling services to the Australian marketplace. Over the last 20 years, we have continued to develop and adopt new technology in the ever-expanding marketplace of horizontal directional drilling and underground boring. Trevor Grey’s ambition for our company always has been to become an industry leader in horizontal directional drilling and underground boring services.

    About horizontal directional drilling and underground boring

    Horizontal directional drilling is a surface launch technique, with the machine drilling from a small entry pit at one end of the shot whilst at the same time pulling the pipe back through the ground from the exit pit at the other end.

    Our specialist techniques, which together with specialist tooling and mud, are capable of installing pipes regardless of the ground conditions. Our team can handle virtually any type, size and complexity of project, through all kinds of terrain, completing each phase of the job as specified and on schedule.

    Our expertise is in horizontal directional drilling and underground boring, and the answer to our success is easy. Our knowledge in underground technology enables us to deliver projects on time and to budget, by utilising the latest technology coupled with our vast experience.

    mudix pty ltd underground boring

    100% success rate in underground boring

    To date, we have undertaken many so-called “unachievable” projects with great success. We have gained a reputation for being the reliable company to call upon when the challenging projects arise, which few other companies have the knowledge or experience to cope with. We have built trust and confidence with our clients over many years’ of service based on honesty and integrity. These organisations include Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), Silcar Communications, CLM Excavation and Trenchless, Power Serve, Downer EDI & Engineering, John Holland, Priority Sewerage Project Alliance, Sydney Water and Bilfinger Berger Services, among many others.

    Horizontal directional drilling or trenchless technology affords the expert team here at Mudix Pty Ltd the ability to navigate a drill rod underground for extended distances without disruption to property.  This minimises the impact of construction to the community, thus drastically reducing any chance of litigation and community-based issues for our clients.

    Horizontal directional drilling is becoming the preferred practice for installing pipelines, cables, and water, power and sewer lines. The major advantages are the speed of the installation combined with minimal community, environmental impact and restoration costs. Horizontal directional drilling offers the least invasive construction activity for traffic disruption, allowing generally normal traffic flow during installation of the utility.

    With 9 full-time employees, 6 of whom are employed for external operations, we have vast experience and knowledge of civil construction. We are constantly monitoring our team members and upgrading their skills when necessary in order to maintain our competitive edge in the market.

    Mudix Pty Ltd offers a strong, well-balanced project management team. We have developed a proven history in delivering complex public infrastructure projects to our clients with our extensive experience and knowledge gained from over 20 years’ of successful operation.

    Our primary focus is to ensure quality, reliable outcomes for works programs that will exceed our clients’ expectations. Mudix Pty Ltd places a high value on securing this relationship and accordingly will gather the resources required to complete our projects.

    Call our underground boring specialists in New South Wales now on 02 4951 3355 .

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